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What are some Caribbean cruises for October? [closed]

My fiancée and I are looking for a good Caribbean cruise in October and were wondering which islands are best to see and which Cruise l

How can I find a guide who will take me safely through the Amazon jungle?

This was one of our definition questions, but also one that interests me personally: How can I find a guide that will take me safely through the Amazon jungle?

Does Singapore Airlines offer any reward seats on their EWR-SIN route?

Singapore Airlines has an all-business class flight from EWR-SIN (Newark->Singapore), but I can't seem to find any reward Krisflyer flights

What is the easiest transportation to use throughout Romania for a foreigner?

Another definition question that interested me was: What is the easiest transportation to use throughout Romania for a foreigner? I plan to visit at some point

How can I visit Antarctica?

A year ago I was reading some magazine, and found out that there is availability to get a trip to Antarctica. Unfortunately, there was no info about how I could

Best way to get from SeaTac airport to Redmond?

Can anyone suggest the best way to get from Seattle-Tacoma (SEA) airport up to Redmond? I guess one option might be the new tram into the center of Seattle, th

What are must-visit destinations for the first time trip to Argentina? [closed]

We are considering visiting Argentina for up to ten days during mid-to-late December. What would be the top places to see / visit, especially

When traveling to a country with a different currency, how should you take your money?

Recently my wife and I traveled to Italy and before we left we got about 85% of our money in travelers checks and the other 15% we carried on in cash. When we a

What is the best way to obtain visas for the Trans-Siberian/Trans-Mongolian Railway?

I'm planning on taking the trans-Siberian / trans-Mongolian from Moscow to Beijing via Ulaan Bataar next year and I'd like some advice on how best to organise t

Where can I find up-to-date information about roadblocks and strikes in Peru and Bolivia?

I need to travel from Cusco, Peru to La Paz, Bolivia next month but people in both countries have a habit of blocking roads quite frequently. Every now and the

Is it advisable for US citizen to attempt a visit to Cuba w/o going through an agency?

I am aware of travel agencies catering to US citizens visiting Cuba, but are those services really worthwhile? If so, how does one go about vetting them?

What are some of the sights to see in Budapest, Hungary? [closed]

I'm planning my first international trip out of the U.S. this fall to Budapest, Hungary. I'm visiting a very good friend who will be studying

Is there a good website to plan a trip via trains in Europe?

My wife and I have decided to move across Europe by train. Do you know of any good sites for planning a trip via train (schedule and maybe prices)? We're going

What are the best ways to avoid data roaming fees when travelling abroad?

I'm looking for data plans I can use while touring different countries within a region without having to worry about being eaten by roaming fees. If such plans

What should I know about "Around The World" flights?

I have heard rumours of such things, and have had a difficult time find information on "around the world" flights. Are they worth it (do you have a limit betwe

What are some good ways to find things to explore on-site in an unfamiliar place?

When traveling, one of my favorite things to do is simply explore the local area and see what's going on. I do enjoy guided tours on some occ

Cheapest mobile operator in Europe [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate:What are the best ways to avoid data roaming fees when travelling abroad? Is where any default cheap mobile provid

Sightseeing the USA by air [closed]

The next time family from overseas comes to visit me in the USA, I would like for them to see the major sites in the USA. Is there such a thi

Online resources/communities especially for travelling to remote islands [closed]

I'm dreaming of visiting remote islands such as St. Helena or the Kerguelen islands, but mostly don't get past the dreaming stage because I do

What kind of questions should I be asking about tropical destinations?

Tropical destinations have to be one of the most popular categories, which means there are always deals popping up, so it's hard not to be dri

Where to find good cave-swimming? [closed]

I'd love to travel to a place that has a good cave-swimming adventure.* I'd like it to be: Safe Warm Fun Suitable for an amateur Good for ph

Are there advantages to using private car service over taxis from the airport?

When planning a trip I've seen people say private cars are scams and other people say they can be better than city taxi's because you know how much it will cost

Are there caves and tunnels under Tallinn, Estonia?

This spring I was in Tallinn, and I heard about some caves under the Old City, as well as under all of Tallinn. Is it true or just rumors? If it is true, can an

Is it possible to get a permit to travel to Tibet (Lhasa) from Beijing by train, without a tour guide?

I am confused about how I go about getting a permit for two people (a British and a Swedish national) to visit Lhasa, intending to travel there by train. Is it

What is there to do in Orlando, Florida? [closed]

Aside from the Disney World, what else is there to explore in and around Orlando? I'll be staying at a Disney World hotel with my family for a

How bad is baggage theft at Johannesburg airport?

South Africa's Johannesburg's airport has a reputation for stolen and rifled baggage and a quick Google search returns many travelers reporting similar stories.

Is it safe to travel in Japan considering the nuclear situation?

Are there any areas that should be avoided and are there any steps I should take to protect myself from radiation?

Flight deals from the UK

Can someone recommend a good website with flight deals from London/UK, which I could subscribe to? I mean promotions in different airlines, e.g. bmi used to hav

Tel Aviv a good base to see Israel & Palestine?

I'm planning to spend 3 weeks in Israel & Palestine. I'm open to seeing all of the region apart from the Gaza Strip. I'm told the region

Something to do in or around Colmar in France [closed]

My wife and I will be travelling to Colmar in Alsace, France, in July with our year-old son. We will be meeting some friends there with their