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What is the best way to obtain visas for the Trans-Siberian/Trans-Mongolian Railway?

I'm planning on taking the trans-Siberian / trans-Mongolian from Moscow to Beijing via Ulaan Bataar next year and I'd like some advice on how best to organise t

Kazakhstan visa in Uzbekistan?

I'll be passing through Uzbekistan shortly, and will need another Kazakhstan tourist visa before I head back there. What locations can I get this at, and any i

Turkmenistan visa in Uzbekistan?

I'll be passing through Uzbekistan shortly, and am considering getting a Turkmenistan visa for a quick visit into there. What locations can I get this at, and

Can I apply for a Russian visa from the country Georgia?

I will be in Georgia in the Caucasus in a few months and am considering a side trip to Russia; either via the Black Sea to Sochi or across the one land border t

Can I pay for my Turkish visa on arrival at the airport in Euros?

I'm Australian, flying into Istanbul Turkey tomorrow (Ataturk airport) and I know from last year's trip that I must pay a visa fee upon entry.

China visa issue after traveling to Taiwan

I flew from China to Taiwan a while back. I have an extend-able visa to Taiwan. Upon arrive in Guangzhou, I was informed I needed a Chinese visa to visit to Tai

I have lost my residential permit while travelling in India - what should I do?

I am staying in India for 6 months, so have had to register with the Foreigners Registration Office in Bangalore. I was given a residential permit which I have

Do you need to submit an itinerary to get a Russian visa? And do you have to stick to it?

I believe there are certain countries which in order to be granted a visa you must submit your intended itinerary. I am pretty sure I've heard Russia is or was

Visa-on-arrival scheme in Philippines

According to Wikitravel, for nationalities who are not covered under the 21-day visa waiver, Philippines issues visa-on-arrival. The page linked to reads more l

Visa for European countries for US passport holder

I'm a US passport holder. What documents do I need when I fly from the U.S. to Germany? Assume I'm going for a few weeks of vacation. Obviously I need my pass

Is it possible to go directly from Siem Reap to Vientiane over land?

I'm planning on going to Vientiane in Laos, but I wanted to cross over land from Cambodia. Are there direct bus connections from Siem Reap to Vientiane, and if

Does a US citizen need a visa to go to Australia to put on a conference and go on vacation?

I'm going to Australia for both business and pleasure for two weeks. Do I need a special visa for this?

Getting a Chinese tourist visa with an expired UK criminal conviction

A group of us are travelling to China this year. One of the members of our group was convicted five years ago for possession of Ecstasy; as it has been five yea

Are there any programs in British Columbia in which a U.S. citizen could get a visa to work temporarily (and travel)?

I'd like to explore British Columbia, for maybe a few months. I see this being expensive and difficult without a visa, but I don't mind working, even in a stipe

How long does it take to process a French working holiday visa? [closed]

I am an Australian, and I need a French Working Holiday visa starting October 16. I will be traveling from August 1 until then. Since I can on

Visit the UK with Schengen tourist short-stay visa

I'm Russian, and I have touristic (C-type) Schengen Schengen short stay visa. I want to know, can I stay for some period in UK without getting UK visa, or it is

Do I have to visit the Chinese consulate in person to get my visa?

I'm planning a trip to Shanghai to visit some friends in about 5 months. I understand that I will need to get a visa issued so that I can travel to China. Thi

How to stay in Thailand for more than 30 days?

Thailand imposes a 30-day limit on stays for U.S. citizens travelling on a tourist visa. What is the preferred way to stay up to three months? So far, I've come

Northern Cyprus - way to visit and what problems can I have with Republic of Cyprus after that?

I know that Northern Cyprus is recognized only by Turkey, and not other countries. So how can I visit this republic - only from Turkey, or there are some other

How short notice can you fly to USA?

Is it possible to fly to the US this upcoming Thursday (todays Tuesday so about 3 days)? We've (My Dad and me) never flown to the US before, but my passport is