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Sightseeing the USA by air [closed]

The next time family from overseas comes to visit me in the USA, I would like for them to see the major sites in the USA. Is there such a thi

What is there to do in Orlando, Florida? [closed]

Aside from the Disney World, what else is there to explore in and around Orlando? I'll be staying at a Disney World hotel with my family for a

How can I travel between US towns without flying?

Can you help me decide, what type of transport can I use to travel from one US town to another (it will be a big journey), without flying? Are buses available,

What is the best method for exchanging dollars for Euros?

I'm traveling from the US to Europe in a few weeks. When and what is the best method of exchanging dollars for Euros? I imagine there's options like: at th

How good is Public Transport In the USA? [closed]

I am planning a Round-the-World trip and my first stop will be the USA. I am from England where public transport is quite good and covers ever

If I visit Los Angeles, am I better off renting a car or not?

California has a pretty notorious reputation for having bad traffic, so I am wondering if it would be worth my time to rent a car when I visit there. If I stay

Are there any good, cheap bus companies to use for traveling around the western United States?

A few years ago, I used to ride Greyhound for short trips, but I remember them being crammed and sometimes smelly. In the Midwest, I've learned of and used Mega

What rights do passengers have when flights in the USA are delayed?

What rights do passengers on delayed flights in the USA have? In some countries, depending on the length and type of delay, passengers can receive a free phone

US Customs Pre-clearance in foreign airports

Recently, I was traveling back to the US through Vancouver, BC, Canada. I was delighted with the fact that I was able to get pre-screened through US Customs be

View the Grand Canyon by helicopter - is it real?

I going to visit the United States and its famous geographic places, such as the Grand Canyon. I heard that there are some helicopter tours are available during

What are the rules/regulations for public transit passengers in St. Louis, Missouri?

What or where are the rules/regulations for the transit services operated by Bi-State in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, especially Metrolink? I'd like to know what r

What US airports don't require removing CPAP for scanning at TSA?

I've gotten a number of different responses at airports. Atlanta requires removing a CPAP, but Reagan didn't. Any others know what airports require/don't requ

What are the most effective rideshare sites in the US?

Recently, I have been traveling from upstate New York to NYC quite frequently and would like to find a site that is more effective than craigslist in attracting

Can I drive in OR state with CT license?

I have a driving license from CT (Connecticut), and a vehicle registered with my name in OR (Oregon). So Can I drive in OR with my CT Driving License? And for

What regulations should a European driver know when driving in the US?

There are the obvious ones. The US has the keep-your-lane system, where as in Europe you are expected to keep to the right (left for UK) as long as possible. O

In the US, what's a good prepaid GSM SIM card without a phone? [closed]

My daughter is going to spend the next school year (August 2011 to June 2012) in Memphis, TN as an exchange student from Switzerland. She'd ve

How short notice can you fly to USA?

Is it possible to fly to the US this upcoming Thursday (todays Tuesday so about 3 days)? We've (My Dad and me) never flown to the US before, but my passport is

Can I take my liquid medication on a plane?

If I am taking a liquid medicine, but is over the ounces for a flight, will they still let me take it on a plane?

What is the minimum passport expiry period when travelling to USA on an ESTA authorization from a previous visit?

I've heard that when travelling to the USA your passport must not expire within 6 months of travelling. Is this the case if you have a valid ESTA visa waiver pr

How long does it take to renew a US passport?

For US citizens living in the United States, how long does it typically take (from start to finish) to renew a US passport? If the expedited fee is paid, how fa