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US Customs Pre-clearance in foreign airports

Recently, I was traveling back to the US through Vancouver, BC, Canada. I was delighted with the fact that I was able to get pre-screened through US Customs be

How should I spend my time in Calgary in August? [closed]

Three questions could explain better my situation: How far Banff is from Calgary and if it's worth the detour, how to get there, are there an

Shipping my car from Europe to Canada or the U.S

The plan is to drive my car (a small 4x4) from Prudhoe Bay1 (Deadhorse), Alaska to Cape Horn, Tierra del Fuego in Chile. I will be travelling for an undetermine

Skiing in BC in November - can it be done as a day trip from Vancouver?

It looks like I should be in Vancouver around the start of November, and I may even have a whole day free (plus the odd half day for some sightseeing!). I was

What neighborhoods or sites should I visit in Montreal?

I'll be visiting Montreal for the first time this month to participate in an academic conference on urban design. Naturally, as an urban designer, I would love

Flying UK to Canada via USA. Do I need to apply for ESTA?

I'm going to fly from the UK to Canada via EWR (Newark Liberty International Airport). Do I need to apply for a Visa Waiver through the ESTA (Electronic System

Things to see in Nova Scotia, that aren't Halifax centric

Looking to be in New Scotland in middle of September on business, and while I'm there, I'd like to see more of the province then what little I

Driving Toronto To Vancouver through the states, places to stay/see [closed]

I am planning to drive from Toronto to Vancouver through the states (I have done this once through Canada) I was just wondering if anyone can

How to travel as a crew member on a ship?

Is there a feasible way to take a one year break from a IT job and work as a crew member on a big ship? How can one go about this? I am a recreational sailor an

Getting from downtown Vancouver to the Airport on a Friday night

Later this year I'm going to be at a conference in Vancouver, and potentially I'll need to make a quick getaway to the airport on a Friday night once it finishe

Are trains stopping between stations to let passengers board/alight just a Canadian thing?

I happened to notice this little gem on the VIA Rail website On some VIA Rail routes, you can get off and on the train exactly where you want — even i

Do US pre-paid GSM sim cards normally work in Canada?

For an upcoming trip, I'm going to spend about 10-15 days in the USA, followed by about another 10 days up in Canada. While over there, I expect I'll want to ma

Can I use USD in Canada?

I will go to Canada for the first time from the United States. I will use credit card as much as possible but I guess I need cash for small shops and cafes anyw

One-way tickets into the US and Canada?

So I have a series of weird flights I can use to get to Bangkok from London with a stop in Vancouver, where it may actually be cheaper for me to fly to Vancouve

How can I go from the American side to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls?

My friends told me that Niagara Falls look better from Canada but my bus will stop at the American side. Can I walk over a bridge or take any public transportat

Amtrak Cascades from Seattle to Vancouver - What is the border crossing like northbound?

I'm pondering using the Amtrack Cascades train to get from Seattle up to Vancouver. The ticket price seems pretty good, the views are supposed to be great, and

Exchanging Canadian dollars for Pound Sterling [closed]

Could you tell me how many pounds sterling I would receive from you for 1,680 CA dollars?

Camping around Toronto, Ontario for the new year weekend

I live in Toronto by the lakeshore. I had a long yearning to spend new years eve by myself out in the middle of nowhere, under the stars, in a tent. Now I have

What ski resort in the US/Canada is reachable from Europe?

I keep hearing messages that skiing in North-America is worth considering as an alternative to the Alps. But I have no clue where I should start looking. So my

Cheap pre-pay sim in Canada?

I have my UK-based Android smartphone, but yay for Orange (sarcasm), it's locked and will take 3 weeks to unlock! Fortunately I also have a low-tech Nokia - I