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Will Armenia and Azerbaijan permit a tourist to enter if they have the other country's stamp in their passport?

I know that there are certain pairs of countries (which do not get along with each other) where a traveller will not be permitted into one country if they have

China visa issue after traveling to Taiwan

I flew from China to Taiwan a while back. I have an extend-able visa to Taiwan. Upon arrive in Guangzhou, I was informed I needed a Chinese visa to visit to Tai

How long does it take to renew a US passport?

For US citizens living in the United States, how long does it typically take (from start to finish) to renew a US passport? If the expedited fee is paid, how fa

How long does it take for a US citizen to get their first passport?

If I am a US citizen and I have never had a passport before, how long will it take for me to get one? How early do I need to apply before I plan on going abroad

Are there any repercussions from having an Israeli stamp in my passport?

I have heard people say that having a stamp from Israel in your passport can cause problems when trying to get into other countries. Is there any truth to this

Will an Iranian or Kuwaiti visa or stamp in my passport pose a problem on a future visit to Israel?

In this question I learned that entering Kuwait with an Israeli stamp in your passport will be a problem. (Less surprising was that Iran doesn't like them eithe

Are there any problems crossing Kosovo's international borders or having their stamp in your passport?

I'm thinking of heading from Romania to Serbia to Albania, possibly via Kosovo (on an Australian passport). Since Kosovo becoming a country wasn't unanimously

Flying within the United States, Passport required?

This month I'll be flying twice within the United States. I am a US citizen with a valid drivers license, flying within US boundaries. Is this sufficient to fly

Do you need seperate visa for your children if they are registered in your passport

I share my passport with my daughters. It means that they always have to travel with me. It is an EU passport, so we can access many countries without visa req

Is there a website or list somewhere of which countries need a full page of a passport to issue a visa?

I'm on a huge trip at the moment and have some big plans for after winter if I manage not to spend all my money. But several of the countries I'm thinking of g

What can I do to prevent passport stamps being put on blank pages?

I'm running low on blank passport pages which are sometimes needed for full page visas such as those issued by Armenia, India, and Vietnam. When I crossed the

Dual nationality, EU and Australian. Does it matter which passport is "travelled on" [duplicate]

I plan to visit Australia from the UK, I am an Australian national with dual nationality - I also hold a Greek passport. I have all the corre

Are there any laws which prohibit officials from taking a passport out-of-reach of the passport holder?

Normally when you cross a border, the border guards check your passport in your view (i.e. the passport never becomes out-of-sight for the passport-holder). Bu

Travelling with two different passports [duplicate]

I was just wondering if you have two passports (a Chinese one and an Australian one), and you booked your airline ticket with the Chinese one,

Changing passport details for a flight?

My brother is flying from Wellington, NZ to Sydney, Aus in January (and back). He's also going to Thailand from CHC and back in December. However, he's had to

Can immigration authorities make cross checks between multiple passports of the same (German) person?

I have the following specific case but it would be nice to have a general answer if one does exist: A fellow German traveler just spent 3 months in Turkey on h

How long does my passport need to be valid after my return from the UK?

Next year I'm going to the UK. Shortly after that my passport expires. Is this a problem? I know that for some countries, the passport has to be valid for at l

Child travelling with different nationality passport than mom

My wife (Polish passport) is planning to travel to the USA (and some European countries) with our son who has dual Polish-British nationality. Would it cause an

Can "Conch Republic" passports actually be used for anything?

Since the whole Key Largo Debacle over Seven Mile Bridge, there's been this 'Conch Republic' that even issues souvenir passports. A comment on slashdot inferre

Validity of UK passport required to visit Italy

I am planning a trip to Italy in January of 2012. I am just wondering if I will be allowed to enter the country as my UK passport has less than 6 months remaini