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How should I deal with beggars in India?

I have heard that it is unsafe to show money or help someone in India. Are there any rules I should respect in order to avoid getting into trouble? How should

I have lost my residential permit while travelling in India - what should I do?

I am staying in India for 6 months, so have had to register with the Foreigners Registration Office in Bangalore. I was given a residential permit which I have

Will I be able to travel around India speaking only English?

I am to travel around some Indian cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and others. Will I have trouble speaking only English, or should I learn some phrases in Hind

Is it necessary to take malaria pills when travelling in South India?

Sources seem to differ on what precautions are required. Is there an authoritative source I can check, or is it better to drug-up anyway (or not to)?

What class of travel is suitable for a woman travelling alone on Indian railways?

What class should a lone woman travel on a sleeper train to be safe at night?

Is tea and coffee on the street safe to drink in India?

There are many street tea/coffee sellers around India, and although the water has been boiled at some point, often the pots are out for a long time. The clay cu

What kind of plug adapter should I pack for India?

I'm travelling around a few cities in India, from Delhi to Bangalore. What type of plug adapter should I pack?

Is it bad to give money to beggars in India?

What is the best policy to adopt with regards to beggars in India? Is it ok to give them money/food? If not, are there any charities to which

What is the average temperature in Kochi during mid-October?

I know that weather in Kerala can be tricky in October, as it's between two monsoon seasons. I know that there's a likelihood of rain, but I haven't been able t

Is it really forbidden to cross the Indian border with Indian rupee?

Last week I tried to exchange some Swiss Francs into Indian rupees. For that I visited a big bank and they told me that they have rupees but I'm not allowed to

Which of the many Stepwells in India are worth a visit?

I know that there's a stepwell at Abhaneri. Is it a great location to checkout the amazing stepwell of India? What other stepwells are worth visiting?

What is a safe overland route from Europe to India using public transport?

The traditional Hippie trail included Afghanistan and Pakistan which most people now consider unsafe to travel through. Even if one would decide to go through

Is it recommended to get vaccinations before visiting India?

I'll be travelling to India soon. I'm not sure if I'll have to time to get vaccinated since it usually takes 2 weeks to kick in. Lonely Planet suggests a bunc

How to visit India, Nepal and Sri Lanka on a single trip

On my upcoming trip to India, I also would like to visit the neighboring countries of Nepal and Sri Lanka. Assuming I am flying into India (and out again) this

Which foreign currencies can be used to exchange for INR in India?

Is there a preferred foreign currency to bring to India to exchange for the Indian Rupee? I understand that USD is the preferred currency in most countries, bu

Can I eat a beef burger in India?

I always heard that cows are holy in India. So I assumed that you can't eat any meat made of cows in India. But recently a friend told me, that it depends on th

Which Indian trains have shorter booking period?

Most of the long distance trains in India have bookings opened 90 days before the train ride. There are some that have a shorter period available. Which exact

The simplest way to get to and from Wagah border ceremony

I will be staying in Amritsar for a few days but will be on a tight schedule. Since I want to see the Wagah border ceremony, what do you think would be the bes

How to get from Bagdogra to Kurseong

What would be the best (and fastest) way to get from Bagdogra to Kurseong? I'm flying to Bagdogra and land there at 1 PM and will make a booking for a toy trai

Getting from Mumbai to Hospet

I need to get from Mumbai to Hospet/Hampi in mid (to late) March and will probably book a bus but if something goes wrong and I'm not able to book it from outsi