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Flight deals from the UK

Can someone recommend a good website with flight deals from London/UK, which I could subscribe to? I mean promotions in different airlines, e.g. bmi used to hav

What's the cheapest way to convert British Pounds into other currency?

I'm travelling around Europe and want to convert some money to Euros. What's the most cost-effective way of doing this? Should I convert as much as I think I'm

Where is the cheapest punt hire in Cambridge?

I am interested in a self-driven punt - without a tour guide. I want to travel through the colleges. I imagine the trip will take an hour.

Visit the UK with Schengen tourist short-stay visa

I'm Russian, and I have touristic (C-type) Schengen Schengen short stay visa. I want to know, can I stay for some period in UK without getting UK visa, or it is

Buying Paris metro tickets from Eurostar before/during the journey?

Whenever a Eurostar gets into Brussels, and especially when one gets into Paris, there is always a mad scramble for the metro ticket machines, and if you weren'

Travel insurance with a pre-existing condition

I have ulcerative collitis. It's not particularly bad. I'm trying to get travel insurance for two different holidays (one to the US and one to China/Japan). Unf

Is it possible to obtain a work permit for a teaching role in the UK without a teaching degree? [closed]

I have a friend who is American, and cannot qualify under any normal visa for the UK. I heard teaching is in high demand in the UK and it is

Is a chest X-ray / report required to enter the UK?

I remember that two years ago, passport holders of non-EU nationalities were required to present a chest X-ray along with accompanying report on arrival at Heat

Are there any small towns near Edinburgh with good access to rural hiking routes?

I'm planning a trip to the UK for next year and we intend to make Edinburgh our point of arrival. The group I'm with are all avid hikers and would probably love

Flying UK to Canada via USA. Do I need to apply for ESTA?

I'm going to fly from the UK to Canada via EWR (Newark Liberty International Airport). Do I need to apply for a Visa Waiver through the ESTA (Electronic System

Getting to the sea from Oxford

I live in Oxford, UK, which is a lovely place, but I do wish it was a bit closer to the sea. What's the best way to get to a beach, starting from here? I someti

How to get to Old Trafford from Piccadilly station?

I'm planning to visit Old Trafford during my travel to UK. I already know that going from London to Manchester is by using train that stops in Manchester Picc

Exchanging Canadian dollars for Pound Sterling [closed]

Could you tell me how many pounds sterling I would receive from you for 1,680 CA dollars?

How to get from London Gatwick to Cambridge on public transport?

I'm arriving on London Gatwick airport around 10 pm on a weekday, and would like to make it to central Cambridge the same night. How would I go about it? Appare

What supporting evidence is required for a Moroccan travel visa?

I plan to travel to Morocco later this year and wanted to check if anyone with previous experience getting a travel visa can shed some light here. The Embassy o

Quickest way from London to Dubai without flying?

This is a question from a friend not (yet!) on Travel.SE... From London, what is the quickest way to get to Dubai (via trains, buses, ferries etc) without flyi

Which area is London's Wentworth Street based? [closed]

I got an IT position offer in London. The offer sounds quite good, so I am seriously considering accepting it and moving there. The company

Where to stay for London nightlife?

For those looking to travel to London and enjoy the nightlife, where would be the best area to stay? Requirements are nearby bars, alcohol and 20-something crow

How to use sinks with separate hot/cold taps?

I just traveled to Ireland. I was amazed to find that water sinks (at home, restaurants and public) have separate taps for hot and cold water. If you use only

Laptop Searches by Customs - UK and US

I'll be traveling to the UK (London) on a study abroad in the spring and will be bring my laptop for school and intern purposes. I was just curious what/if any