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Visit the UK with Schengen tourist short-stay visa

I'm Russian, and I have touristic (C-type) Schengen Schengen short stay visa. I want to know, can I stay for some period in UK without getting UK visa, or it is

Extended stay visa for Germany

I want to apply for an extended stay visa for Germany to visit a friend. I want to visit beyond the 90 days that American can visit Schengen countries without

Denmark and Schengen - border controls

As I know, Denmark is going to re-impose the border controls. I want to know, what exactly it means for the tourists who are on a Schengen visa? Can I visit Den

My flight back takes off in late evening and might be delayed - which departure date do I specify?

I need to go to Schengen zone and my flight back takes off at 11:30 PM. I need to specify the date of leaving Schengen zone and corresponding number of days in

Where can I find information about the company reference letter requirement for a Schengen visa?

I am planning to visit Europe this year and confused about Company reference letter requirement for Schengen visa. For example, This is what I found in Nether

Does being granted a Schengen visa and not going have any consequences?

I'm granted a one-entry Schengen visa and now I can't go. Will having an unused visa in my travel passport have any consequences like future visas refusal? Do I

Maximum length of stay on a multi-entry Schengen visa?

My dodgy Colombian friend has a Schengen visa which is valid for 5 years. It is a multiple entry visa but it also says you are permitted 90 days in the Schenge

Where can I go with an Irish visa but without a Schengen visa?

I will visit Ireland for training purpose (~10 weeks, single entry short term visa). I am searching for stuff to do and places to visit. I know that Ireland is

Places with cheapest accommodation in Schengen area

A significant part of the costs of traveling is accommodation. In which cities in the Schengen area is it cheapest to find a place to stay? Please assume a d

Applying for a Schengen Visa from within the UK

I'm a Russian citizen, but I study in England and have a Tier 4 Student Visa. Can I apply for a Schengen tourist visa here, in England, without going to Russia?

Maximum length of stay on a multi-entry Schengen visa?

My dodgy Colombian friend has a Schengen visa which is valid for 5 years. It is a multiple entry visa but it also says you are permitted 90 days in the Schenge

Schengen visa for UK citizen?

Since I am a UK citizen I require a Schengen VISA to pass through Europe when I go travelling this year. However where do I get one, I have checked the EU Parl

Does applying for a multiple entry Schengen visa instead of a single entry the first time hurt my chances of a visa getting granted?

While applying for a Schengen visa, an option is given to choose between a single entry visa or a multiple entry visa. There isn't any published policy on this,

What are the options for a non-EU national who wants to stay in Netherlands for more than 90 days?

I am an Australian citizen and I wish to base myself in Amsterdam for four or five months. As an Australian I get to stay in the Schengen area for a cumulative

Visa for France - showing actual hotel booking?

I am in UK planning to apply for Schengen visa via French Embassy. The application document requirements for the visa states that you are required to submit:

How should I apply for a Schengen visa from the UK?

I’m going to apply for a tourist visa to Germany. It is said that I need a reference letter from my employer. However, I’m working on contract and m

Is it easier/cheaper for an Indonesian with UK residency to obtain a tourist visa for Bulgaria, Romania, or Schengen?

A friend of mine who is a citizen of Indonesia with UK residency (but not citizenship) would like to meet up with me somewhere with a cheap undeveloped beach. (

What to do if I lost my passport before flight in another country?

I'm just asking this question for my info. I will be traveling from India to Amsterdam on a short trip. What should you do if you lose your passport or the pas

Schengen visa requirements and "validation"

As an Indian citizen there are a bunch of requirements to get a Schengen visa. Some of them are: A reserved ticket (please do correct me if I am wrong) and conf

Long Stay Visit to France Without Visa

I'm planning on living in France for 7 months teaching English, and I'm hoping that my boyfriend will be able to accompany me. After learning that the Long-Sta