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Is there a good website to plan a trip via trains in Europe?

My wife and I have decided to move across Europe by train. Do you know of any good sites for planning a trip via train (schedule and maybe prices)? We're going

Is it possible to get a permit to travel to Tibet (Lhasa) from Beijing by train, without a tour guide?

I am confused about how I go about getting a permit for two people (a British and a Swedish national) to visit Lhasa, intending to travel there by train. Is it

What is the difference between Eurostar first class and French TGV first class?

I've checked the costs of first class travel by high speed train in France and to UK. According to pictures, first class seats in the Eurostar and TGV look simi

I'm in Volgograd, Russia. Aside from trains, is there another way to get to Astrakhan?

I'm basically sitting beside the Volga river at present looking at the ferry terminal, and wondering if ferries or buses run instead of a train to Astrakhan - h

Aktau, Kazakhstan to Bukhara, Uzbekistan?

I'm currently in Aqtau/Aktau, Kazakhstan. The trains look really tricky to get to Bukhara, and I'm wondering if there's a better way, as currently it looks lik

What class of travel is suitable for a woman travelling alone on Indian railways?

What class should a lone woman travel on a sleeper train to be safe at night?

What time of year is best for taking the Trans-Siberian Express?

I'm interested in taking a train journey from Moscow to Beijing via Mongolia. Is there a recommended time of year for this Trans-Siberian trip?

Trans-Siberian Express: Stopping along the way?

I'm planning a trip on the Trans-Siberian Express. I've already received excellent advice on a related post, but I've got a couple more questions. My plan is

Bishkek (or Almaty) to Novosibirsk next week

Next week I'll be leaving Bishkek - a little short on time, and need to hot-foot it to Novosibirsk, Siberia. Probably on Monday night or Tuesday day, depending

What time is the daily train from Balykchy on Lake Issyk-Kul to Bishkek?

There is a train line from Bishkek to Balykchy, on Lake Issyk-Kul, in Kyrgyzstan. The train leaves Bishkek at 6.40am, and takes around 4 hours. This is slower

Left Luggage facilities at Paris Gare du Nord?

I know that most big railway stations in Europe are civilised, and have left luggage facilities. Before I plan part of my day in Paris around it being available

Talgo train from Almaty to Astana?

Currently in Almaty, was planning on using the answers in Bishkek (or Almaty) to Novosibirsk next week to go to Novosibirsk, but have heard about this 'Talgo tr

When travelling from London to northern Sweden by train, is it possible to have a day of free sightseeing anywhere other than Copenhagen?

Whilst taking the train from London to Östersund (northern Sweden), which I do quite frequently, I usually plan it so that I get a free day in Copenhagen.

Travelling by train in mainland Europe, will I save money by booking my tickets early?

My wife and I are planning to travel by train from Nice to Budapest over the course of 2 weeks, stopping at a number of towns and cities on the way. We'd prefe

How can I find train departure information for Athens - Istanbul?

OK, only just now did I see this notice: TRAIN CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE AS FROM 13 FEBRUARY 2011 Greece is in a dire economic state, and massive r

How can I find info about the train or bus from Murfatlar (Basarabi) to Bucharest?

I woke up at Murfatlar station (formerly Basarabi station) in the Constanța state/province/department/etc of Romania after failing miserably to hitchhike t

What is the state of train travel in USA?

I'm planning to go to the USA for some months. I'd like to travel there by train, but I heard that trains aren't really widely used in USA. So my questions are:

Are trains stopping between stations to let passengers board/alight just a Canadian thing?

I happened to notice this little gem on the VIA Rail website On some VIA Rail routes, you can get off and on the train exactly where you want — even i

When do CIV conditions for delayed travelers apply?

CIV (International Convention for the transportation of Passengers, established by OTIF) rules apply in most European countries and a few nearby countries. In p

Which route did the old Tbilisi-Rostov train route take and is it closed only for political reasons?

This answer to the question about Tbilisi to Moscow mentions a train route that is currently not running between Tbilisi and Rostov. Where did this route cross