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I am flying from Johannesburg to Paris. I want to spend a couple of days there. Then I am going to Amsterdam with the train to spend a couple

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I'm an Indian passport holder traveling from US to India with transit stops in Heathrow and Frankfurt (my flight is ORD–LHR–FRA&nd

Refusal of Schengen visa (Netherlands short stay French embassy) [duplicate]

How can we appeal successfully after refusal? We have 2 refusals from the same French embassy. The only reason for refusal was, "Not sure the

Tourist visa, teaching English in Spain?

Is it legal for someone on a tourist visa to earn cash by giving English tuition (1 on 1 or private academies)? I know there's a hefty freelancer registration s

Schengen Visa/Transit Visa question

My husband and I are going to Italy for a 15 day vacation from USA. We are NOT citizens of the states, but we work and live here. Our return flight is from Veni

How soon can I reapply for another Schengen visa after using a granted visa to the Netherlands?

I am going to apply for a multiple-entry visa to Netherlands this coming May. If I will be given only a single entry how soon can I apply again for another Sche

UK visit visa after Schengen visa

Me and my husband (non eu) are planning a trip to Germany and then UK to visit my family. We will be in Germany for 3 months and then go to the UK. Does anyone

Netherlands Schengen Visa - Spain

I received a Schengen Visa from Netherlands Embassy and it is valid for one year. I am back from my holiday in Holland but want to go to Spain in the next few m

Schengen Visa - Tourist visa (visiting friends) or Tourist visa (simple)

My friend is a student in Germany who is on a student visa. I want to surprise him on his birthday by turning up at his house on the day. When I apply for a vis

Applying for a Schengen visa with a valid US student visa and an expired I-20 form

I have a valid F1 visa, but my I-20 and opt have expired. My H1-B application got selected in the lottery and I am eligible to stay in the US under capgap. N

Leaving Schengen area the day after the visa expiry due to the transit

My case is a little bit unique, so I haven't found any articles that are closely related to what I want to ask. I'm currently in Germany with the working holid

Greece - Multiple entry visa

I am planning to make several trips to Europe this year. Does Greece give multiple entry Schengen visas? Or should I go with France?

Do I need a transit visa/Airport transit visa at Frankfurt, if I have french Schengen visa?

I am a Indian citizen, traveling to Paris via Frankfurt with a multiple-entry French Schengen visa. Since, I have a French Schengen visa. Would I need to get a

Schengen visa. What qualifies as main destination?

I'm planning a multi city trip soon. I'll be applying with the German embassy as I had planned on going to Berlin for 3 days before going to Prague, Vienna, and

How is an Schengen main destination duration of stay exactly calculated?

I'm going to Europe and spending 3 hours in Copenhagen (two separate flights: would have to recheck my luggage), 3.5 days in Amsterdam and 3.5 days in Paris. M

Can I visit zurich with my business short stay schengen visa?

i am attending an interview and they want me to apply for business short stay schengen visa.i am planning to visit zurich as my friend is there. So, after inter

Visa requirements for traveling to Germany as an Indian citizen/married to a German

I am a German citizen, my wife is an Indian national. We both live in the USA and are both permanent residents (green card holders) and are full-time employed.

I was refused a tourist German visa. Is it OK to apply for a business trip to the same place? [duplicate]

The first time, I was not entitled to disclose the purpose of the travel to anyone beyond the company, so I applied for a tourist visa. It fe

Issue regarding Schengen visa

I'll be traveling to Germany in July for a short summer camp at a university. Can I change my travel itinerary after I get my Schengen visa? I plan to stay in G

Invitation letter schengen visa

I hold an Indian passport and intend to travel to Europe to meet my German girlfriend and to travel with her a little within Europe. I have heard rumors that th