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How bad is baggage theft at Johannesburg airport?

South Africa's Johannesburg's airport has a reputation for stolen and rifled baggage and a quick Google search returns many travelers reporting similar stories.

How to insure checked luggage?

I know that you are not supposed to put valuables into checked baggage, but in some cases it is necessary. For example if you have large valuable items that do

How can I protect camera equipment in checked baggage?

While I usually take my camera equipment in a carry-on when I fly (within the US), that's not always an option (small plane where no carry-on other than my purs

Travel insurance with regards to luggage being stolen/lost

I am looking for answers to how people have recovered from having their luggage stolen/lost when arriving at their destination. And further to this, how they ha

Traveling to USA with tripod attached to my camera bag

I like to travel with my DSLR and I have nice slingshot bag for it which I can take with me on the plane along with my carry on. This picture shows what I want

Metal flasks with baby food in a plane

Are you allowed to bring a metal flask (0.5l) with (warm) baby food inside through the security on the airport? I am flying internationally from London Luton an

Is there any trick to checking in more weight on planes?

I soon have to move from France to Spain, one way no coming back. And as with most of the airlines carriers in Europe I am allowed at 23Kg checked-in and 10Kg o

Is it possible to bring a bicycle on a plane?

I have often wanted to bring my own bicycle while traveling. Are there some international regulations regarding bringing my bicycle on a plane? What should I ex

Are some permanent markers not safe for checked luggage?

Are some permanent markers not safe for checked luggage? This stationery retailer advertises its markers as being airplane-safe, implying that others are not.

How can I fly with a guitar?

During my upcoming holiday to the USA I'm thinking about buying a new guitar as the exchange rate is extremely favorable. Excuse my naivety but I have never flo

Left Luggage facilities at Paris Gare du Nord?

I know that most big railway stations in Europe are civilised, and have left luggage facilities. Before I plan part of my day in Paris around it being available

Compensation for delayed baggage on international United flight

My bag on an international flight with United Airlines was delayed. The bag got delivered at its destination about 36 hours after I arrived. During that time, n

Can I through check my bags on separate bookings (international flights)?

I have two different bookings on British Airways and Emirates. Booking 1 (British Airways): Washington (IAD) -> London (LHR) -> Dubai Booking 2 (Emirate

Benefits of checking in online when checking bags

What is the benefit of checking in online for a flight when you intend to check bags at the airport? I understand some airports have special lines for people th

Forgot baggage at Dubai. How to get it to Los Angeles?

Last week, I travelled via Dubai to Los Angeles. During the security checking at Dubai Airport, I was asked to remove my laptop from my bag and after that I for

Electronics in sealed box as carry-on luggage: issues at security?

We are going to a conference and we are taking a new ipad with us to give away but we don't want to box to be opened. Will they just run it through the scanner

Additional cabin handbag on flights

It's quite common, that in addition to cabin size hand baggage you can take also smaller bag like handbag or small laptop case to the plane. I'm interested in k

Why would you wrap your luggage in plastic?

At many airports you can wrap your luggage with sheets of sticky plastic. Why on earth would you do that? I only see disadvantages. I can imagine the mess when

What is the most efficient way to pack a bag?

On trips of four days or less, I try to travel with a shoulder bag containing my laptop, electronics, etc. and a rolling, carry-on bag for everything else. Wh

What is more effective seeking luggage damage compensation from the aiport or airline?

We found air luggage to be damaged after a flight and reported the damage right at the airport. The airport then advised us to seek damage compensation from the