Best way to get from SeaTac airport to Redmond?

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Can anyone suggest the best way to get from Seattle-Tacoma (SEA) airport up to Redmond?

I guess one option might be the new tram into the center of Seattle, then try to change onto one of the Express buses out to Redmond (e.g. the 545), assuming you don't have to walk too far to change? Or are you better off trying to stick with buses the whole way?

I'm not keen on the idea of hiring a car to do it, but if a taxi could do it for a sensible price then I might not be averse...!

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Redmond is a crappy place to be without a car of any sort. The only reasonable mass transit around there is an infrequent bus system designed mostly to get employees to and from Microsoft. It can take 2 hours via public transit. Taxis are not cruising the streets so you have to call them well in advance, even from major locations like the Microsoft campus.

Under most circumstances your best bet is to rent a car. Seattle airport has convenient car rental directly outside the airport (no need to take a "car rental shuttle"). I have made it to Redmond within 45 minutes of stepping off a plane, even including the time to rent a car.

If you absolutely don't want to drive yourself, you can take a private taxi, although once you get to Redmond, you'll be pretty much stuck wherever the taxi drops you because things are very, very far apart. There's also a shared-van service called SuperShuttle which is cheaper than a taxi but which will drop off a half dozen people at different locations so it takes longer.

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Does Seattle have a train from the airport to downtown?

Fly past traffic to downtown Seattle by taking Link light rail. It's quick, it's easy and economical.

How do I get from the Seattle airport to the train station?

Take one direct light rail from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to King Street Station in Seattle: take the 1-LINE light rail from Seatac/Airport Station station to Int'L Dist/Chinatown Station station. The total trip duration for this route is approximately 41 min.

What is the easiest way to get to downtown Seattle from Seattle Tacoma International Airport?

The Best Ways to Get to Downtown Seattle from Seatac Airport
  • Ride the Light Rail. If you don't mind wheeling your luggage, this is the best and cheapest way to go. ...
  • Using Uber to go to Seattle from Seatac. ...
  • Take a Cab from the Seatac Airport. ...
  • Use Lyft. ...
  • Take an Airporter from Seatac Airport to Seattle Hotels. ...
  • Get a Rental Car.

  • How much is the bus Seatac?

    Fares. One-way fare is 2.75$. Sound Transit routes can be pick up at the south end of the main terminal.

    Seattle -Tacoma International Airport (SEA)–Arrivals and Ground Transportation Guide(SEATAC Airport)

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    According to rome2rio you have 2 options for public transport, which will take you between 1h12 and 1h28

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