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Best way to get from SeaTac airport to Redmond?

Can anyone suggest the best way to get from Seattle-Tacoma (SEA) airport up to Redmond? I guess one option might be the new tram into the center of Seattle, th

What are must-visit destinations for the first time trip to Argentina? [closed]

We are considering visiting Argentina for up to ten days during mid-to-late December. What would be the top places to see / visit, especially

How good is Public Transport In the USA? [closed]

I am planning a Round-the-World trip and my first stop will be the USA. I am from England where public transport is quite good and covers ever

If I visit Los Angeles, am I better off renting a car or not?

California has a pretty notorious reputation for having bad traffic, so I am wondering if it would be worth my time to rent a car when I visit there. If I stay

Which European cities have bike rental stations for tourists?

During my last vacation in Barcelona I found out that some bicycle stations are made for citizens, where they can pick up a bike, ride on it t

Is it worth getting a one-week public transportation pass for Rome?

My friend and I are first-time travelers who will be visiting Rome for a week in late September. According to, a week pass could be gotten for 16 Euro

What's the cheapest transport to get from Ataturk International aiport to the Taksim Square area of Istanbul?

I'm flying to Istanbul tomorrow afternoon and would like to know the cheapest way to get from the airport (Ataturk) to the Taksim Square area.

How can I get to Gatwick Airport from London at 5am?

A friend has booked some cheap flights that mean we need to be at Gatwick airport at 5am to catch our flight. We can stay in London the night before, but how ca

What are the rules/regulations for public transit passengers in St. Louis, Missouri?

What or where are the rules/regulations for the transit services operated by Bi-State in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, especially Metrolink? I'd like to know what r

How to get into and travel across Tanzania

I'm interested in visiting Tanzania - the capital of it (Dodoma) and Kilimanjaro park, and I didn't find any info about any airlines to get into Tanzania and ab

Khiva to Bukhara (Uzbekistan) for solo traveller

I'm looking into how to get to Bukhara. I've been offered a shared taxi at USD 80 (200,000 soms). The Lonely Planet claims it should be about USD 15. I reali

How far into Washington, DC should I drive before taking the Metro?

I plan to drive to Washington, DC, but my understanding is that the Metro is far better than driving for actually getting around downtown DC. First of all, is

Buying Paris metro tickets from Eurostar before/during the journey?

Whenever a Eurostar gets into Brussels, and especially when one gets into Paris, there is always a mad scramble for the metro ticket machines, and if you weren'

Paris Gare du Nord to Gare Montparnasse, by public transport but without lots of walking?

In a couple of weeks time, I'm off to the Loire by Eurostar + TGV, which means a cross Paris change. The Eurostar uses Gare du Nord, while the TGVs down to the

Collecting French (SNCF) "Ticket On Departure" tickets from outside of France?

For an upcoming trip, I've booked some TGV tickets through Rail Europe. They wanted a surprising amount of money for postage, so I opted instead for the free op

Is it possible to recharge an OV-chipkaart without a Dutch banking card?

I have an anonymous OV-chipkaart (Dutch public transport electronic card). I don't have a Dutch banking card. (In other words, I'm a foreigner who goes to the N

Is there a bus from San Francisco to Sonoma?

I had heard that one existed, but I can't seem to find it online. I'll be near Chinatown, but I can take BART to anywhere in the city to catch a bus. A cheap tr

What bus and train routes exist between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia?

I'm planning to go from Ionian coast of Greece (specifically, Preveza) towards north and east, and cross over into the Republic of Macedonia (visiting at least

Which European cities have bike rental stations for tourists?

During my last vacation in Barcelona I found out that some bicycle stations are made for citizens, where they can pick up a bike, ride on it t

Getting to the sea from Oxford

I live in Oxford, UK, which is a lovely place, but I do wish it was a bit closer to the sea. What's the best way to get to a beach, starting from here? I someti