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Getting a Chinese tourist visa with an expired UK criminal conviction

A group of us are travelling to China this year. One of the members of our group was convicted five years ago for possession of Ecstasy; as it has been five yea

What regulations should a European driver know when driving in the US?

There are the obvious ones. The US has the keep-your-lane system, where as in Europe you are expected to keep to the right (left for UK) as long as possible. O

Penalty for overstaying tourist visa in Taiwan

In Taiwan, what is the penalty for overstaying a tourist visa with legitimate reasons (for example, a flight was cancelled or delayed, or a transportation closu

What happens when a foreigner gets a traffic fine in the United States?

What happens when a foreigner gets a speeding ticket / traffic fine in the United States? I've heard that the issuing officer will demand payment on site or wil

Going to Playa de Carmen in a few weeks - What do I need to know? [closed]

Specifically, I'm staying at the Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda. Is there anything I need to know when traveling to this area? Any laws that aren'

Where is wild camping possible in Europe?

Are there countries in Europe where wild camping with a tent allowed or at least tolerated? How high is the probability that someone will get angry at you or ev

Inter-state driving law references

There are many traffic laws in the United States which may vary from one state to another, which residents of each state may have come to take for granted. Is

Couldn't return papers to border officials last time. Should I be afraid when going back to USA?

Three years ago I was on holidays in Canada and visited the Niagara Falls. I also went to the American side of the falls and got something like a "short-term vi

Can you search for a job when using a tourist visa (B-2) in the US

If I am visiting the US with a tourist visa, can I look for a job in the US?

How can I Travel and Teach English in Thailand? [closed]

I'm struggling to find non-commercial information on teaching English in Thailand in terms of daily costs of living, pay rates for full-time T

Travelling to Attu Island

The U.S. Coast Guard recently closed and abandoned (I think) their Loran station on Attu Island, Alaska. Is it possible to legally visit Attu now? Is there any

Finding a notary in France / Italy

I sometimes need to have documents notarized while travelling abroad. How can I find a notary in a foreign country? The U.S. embassies and consulates will notar

What exactly is allemansrätten in Sweden?

My understanding is that it is a limited right for a traveler to camp out on any "unsettled" property in Sweden, public or private. Of course, there are importa

Is it technically illegal for US citizens to visit Cuba? [duplicate]

There is a belief that US citizens would be doing something illegal if they were to visit Cuba. I remember hearing years ago while in Mexico

Where could I get away with free camping on Corfu?

I've heard that Greece now has a law prohibiting free camping. But I've also heard that it's only enforced in touristy beach areas to protect the local accommod

Is it really forbidden to cross the Indian border with Indian rupee?

Last week I tried to exchange some Swiss Francs into Indian rupees. For that I visited a big bank and they told me that they have rupees but I'm not allowed to

Do EU passenger rights also apply on flights which are operated as a code-share with a non-EU based airline?

I am turning part of my answer on question What rights do passengers have when flights in the USA are delayed?, into a new question. The EU made very elaborat

Are there any laws which prohibit officials from taking a passport out-of-reach of the passport holder?

Normally when you cross a border, the border guards check your passport in your view (i.e. the passport never becomes out-of-sight for the passport-holder). Bu

Camping in national parks in Sri Lanka

Can you just take a tent, take some food and stay for a few days in national park in Sri Lanka? First of all is it legal to do so? For example are campfires all

Do I have to pay traffic fines issued by foreign governments?

I live in Italy and I own a car registered in Italy as well. Next year I'm planning a long stay in the US (around 6 months) and I want to bring my car with me.