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When to book tickets from travel sites rather than airline sites?

When booking plane tickets, I generally buy directly from the airline's website (as it is often the lowest or near-lowest price for the destinations I travel be

Is it possible to recharge an OV-chipkaart without a Dutch banking card?

I have an anonymous OV-chipkaart (Dutch public transport electronic card). I don't have a Dutch banking card. (In other words, I'm a foreigner who goes to the N

What is the best method of purchasing a ticket with an open return date?

I’ve been doing some research on traveling to South America and staying for an extended period of time (working vacation). The usual sources for flight in

Travelling by train in mainland Europe, will I save money by booking my tickets early?

My wife and I are planning to travel by train from Nice to Budapest over the course of 2 weeks, stopping at a number of towns and cities on the way. We'd prefe

How do I ensure I do not pay out money for tickets that are not usable for other reasons?

For the first time I am trying to organise an extended individual journey - 6-10 months and 10-14 countries. Although I am intending to be an independent travel

One-way tickets into the US and Canada?

So I have a series of weird flights I can use to get to Bangkok from London with a stop in Vancouver, where it may actually be cheaper for me to fly to Vancouve

London on public transport: what kind of tickets to use?

I'm visiting London for a couple of days, and planning to use public transport while there. What kind of ticket(s) would it make most sense to use? Do I get t

How does the Southwest Airlines boarding process work?

I'm flying this week on Southwest Airlines for the first time. I paid for "Early Bird" automatic checkin and the FAQ mentions something about "A" boarding passe

Does the Interrail pass cover trains between Paris Gare du Nord and Franconville?

I was looking over the metro card possibilities as I will be staying with a friend in Paris who lives in Franconville. But then it occurred to me that my Interr

How can I find out which platform my train leaves from in Brussels Midi?

Tomorrow I'm arriving on the Eurostar in Brussels at 19:11. I have a train to Cologne I'm meant to catch at 19:28. I'm pretty nervous about making this connecti

Flight tickets: buy two weeks before even during holiday seasons?

There is a common story that airline ticket prices rise significantly if you buy them less than two weeks before departure. And that any time before that will

K-18 tickets in Finland

What is the difference between K-18 ticket and regular ticket for an event (concert)?. It has probably something to do with adult/not adult distinction.

Travelling using the Underground (the Tube) in London [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate:London on public transport: what kind of tickets to use? I will stay in London for only 2 days, but will travel us

Is it more expensive to buy airline tickets together than separate?

I'm looking for tickets in (a travel website for the American continent) and found out that a flight for just one person was about USD $350 incluid

What happens if you arrive in Malaysia with a one-way ticket but are asked for proof of onward travel?

As we know, most countries require that visitors have a return or onward ticket as a condition of entry. But often, depending on where you're from and which co

How do I cancel a ticket bought from Czech Airlines webpage?

Due to changes of plans I won't be able to use a ticket I´ve booked it online from CSA Czech Airlines homepage. I´ve tried finding out how to cancel

How can I buy train tickets within the UK from abroad?

Is there a machine pick up system like in other countries? Will it take foreign credit cards (Mastercard or Visa of course)? If so, in what locations are these

What's the best way for foreigners outside of the UK to get to an English Premier League game?

I recently got a bonus from my company and want to fly to England for a weekend to watch some soccer. It would be great to go to a big game, however I know gett

Should I book Thailand Rail tickets online (pre-trip) or at the station when I arrive?

I plan on taking the Thailand rail system between Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket (particularly the overnight trains), and Siem Reap. Is it safe to book these tick

Last minute flight bookings - better to book online or at the airport?

We had a question here earlier on booking flight tickets in the weeks running up to holiday season, which covered ground on what happens to flight prices over t