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How long can one drive using an Indian Driving License in California?

How long can one drive using an Indian Driving License (in English) in California? I have tried to research this one, but there's conflicting information on the

Is it possible for Indian citizens to travel to Gilgit–Baltistan and Azad Kashmir?

The Kashmir region of the Indian subcontinent and has been under territorial dispute between India and Pakistan for decades. There are two regions in particular

Tipping attendants on Indian super-fast trains

Should one encourage giving tips (bacshis) to the attendants and cleaners in AC and Sleeper coaches in super-fast trains like Durunto and Rajdhani in India?

Visa requirements for Indian Nationals transiting through Schengen to the UK, by train/ferry?

I'm looking into the cost and complexity, for a colleague, for them to come over to the UK from India during August. Normally, I'd lean towards suggesting they

London Heathrow airport - do I need a transit visa? [duplicate]

I am traveling from the US to India via London Heathrow on November 6. I will be at LHR on 7th at 6:20 am and departing at 9:25 pm. I'm an Ind

Does my B1/B2 Visa for the US permit me to travel there from anywhere, or just my home country?

I am an Indian with a valid B1\B2 visa, currently residing in Sweden. Can I travel to the US from Sweden or do I have to go through India?

Is it possible to travel and live in Berlin for three months with 1500 EUR? [closed]

I got an internship at Max Planck Institute - Berlin, Germany and I was given free accommodation and 500 EUR/per month during my stay (for 3 m

Do I need to get a transit visa to explore London during a layover?

Details: I hold a Indian passport with a valid and unexpired US student visa (F1). I would be travelling from Los Angeles to Mumbai via a 18 hr layover at Londo

Can I visit other Schengen countries on a long-term Schengen visa or residency permit?

I have requested for a French long term (Type D) student visa from a consulate in India. It's a national Type D visa and not a Schengen visa. My question is tha

Legal documents and formalities required to sail far out to sea/ocean?

I am a citizen of India who wants to travel (using a commercial private ship) to a point in sea/ocean which isn't under control of a country. I presume I won't

Can the same B1 visa for USA be used after employer has changed?

A colleague was issued a 10-year B1 visa to travel to the US from India while at another company. Can he still use this same visa (within the 10 yrs of issue) f

Does an Indian need a single- or multiple-entry Schengen visa for visiting Switzerland, Croatia and then perhaps Italy?

I am from India, and I plan to visit Europe for a month. I will be starting with Switzerland, and then I plan to go to Croatia. If I have a single-entry Scheng

Schengen Visa - Schengen countries visit after UK visit

I have a 6 months UK Business visa. I need to apply for Schengen Visa to allow other EU countries travel. I will be travelling multiple time to Schengen countri

Extending a visa-free stay in the Philippines

BI IMPLEMENTS VISA-FREE SCHEME FOR INDIANS JUNE 21, 2012 Indian nationals who are regular international travelers may now enter the country without a visa and

Old passport number mentioned in visa for Kuwait [duplicate]

I am living in India and I applied for an employment visa from Kuwait. I got all visa documents now, but my old passport number is mentioned i

Do I need a transit visa to travel from US to India via Europe

I am an Indian citizen planning to go to India via London or Frankfurt. I won't go outside of airport. I heard rumor that you need a transit visa due to changes

Visit to Switzerland by an Indian couple

We are an Indian couple and wish to apply for Switzerland visa. I understand that I can apply for a tourist visa after showing my confirmed return tickets and c

Do I need a Turkey transit visa for a layover?

I have an Indian passport and am planning to visit Germany with a valid visa. To book a flight for Germany (Mumbai – Dusseldorf), I came across some conne

UK Transit Visa from USA to India [duplicate]

I'm traveling to India from the US for my H1 stamping. I'm planning to go via the UK (LHR). I'm changing my visa status from F1 (visa expires

Tourism on Schengen business visa?

I am an Indian citizen living in UK on a tier 2 visa. Recently, I have received Short stay Schengen visas (multiple entry, business trips for 1 year) for travel