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When traveling to a country with a different currency, how should you take your money?

Recently my wife and I traveled to Italy and before we left we got about 85% of our money in travelers checks and the other 15% we carried on in cash. When we a

Online resources/communities especially for travelling to remote islands [closed]

I'm dreaming of visiting remote islands such as St. Helena or the Kerguelen islands, but mostly don't get past the dreaming stage because I do

How to insure checked luggage?

I know that you are not supposed to put valuables into checked baggage, but in some cases it is necessary. For example if you have large valuable items that do

How do I know if it's safe to travel to a country at a specific time?

Are there travel websites constantly updated with safety tips and political situation of countries?

Being safe in an unknown place [closed]

Most people in first world countries have a very different idea of "safe". First world country houses do not have bars on the windows, the ya

Are there currently any international ferries that travel to Saint Petersburg, Russia?

Years ago I was in Europe and decided it would be a great idea to go to Saint Petersburg by ferry since it is regarded as a beautiful city and is a port. I didn

Long Term Travel - what insurances can / should I get?

I'm a freelancer in the field of software development and I'm planning to travel to different places, but also continue working. I'd expect to stay at a certain

What's the name for the "blocking" stickers used on car headlights?

I'll be driving my car from Belgium to the UK, with plans to then drive around the country. Like most cars in the European mainland, my car's headlights/headlam

What is the best method of purchasing a ticket with an open return date?

I’ve been doing some research on traveling to South America and staying for an extended period of time (working vacation). The usual sources for flight in

What direct flights connect Brazil or Argentina to South Africa? [closed]

I'm curious, what airlines offer direct flights between South America and Africa and what cities do they connect?

Which US credit cards have the cheapest foreign transaction fees? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates:US debit/ATM card with lowest fees for travelWhen traveling to a country with a different currency, how should you take

What are some ways to minimize the time spent in customs?

Every time I've gone through customs, it has been a relatively quick and friendly series of basic questions and credential verification. However, I have heard

What cell provider should I use in Dubai? [closed]

Planning a trip to Dubai/Sharjah in November from the US. I've found two cell providers over there. Has anyone had experience with either pro

Is there any online resource that can tell me what visa rules are for passport holders of a specific country?

When thinking about travelling, I often have to think about a place to visit, and then look up visa rules for that particular country. This can be a fairly pain

What would be an example of a currently possible overland route from Europe to Israel?

Given the problems between Israel and several of its neighbours added to the problems in several Middle East countries due to the Arab Spring, and perhaps some

Can I through check my bags on separate bookings (international flights)?

I have two different bookings on British Airways and Emirates. Booking 1 (British Airways): Washington (IAD) -> London (LHR) -> Dubai Booking 2 (Emirate

Where can a middle-aged couple move for a couple of years working holiday and travel base? [closed]

I'll try to be specific so that this question is not too open ended and can be answered. We are vaguely dreaming about moving to a different

Can I make reservations for trains in Italy, France and Belgium from the Bahn ticket desks in Germany?

Assuming that the trains I'm booking don't pass through Germany. So e.g. Rome-Paris.

Can I cross the Albania/Greece border on foot?

I intend to cross from Albania to Greece at the Konispol/Sagiada border crossing. I will be hitchhiking so I will sometimes be in a car, and sometimes on foot.

What might be the cheapest ferry connection from near Athens to anywhere in Turkey?

Soon I'm heading from Albania to Turkey to Georgia. The obvious way is to go through Thessaloniki which is a great city and I'd like to go back. But I'm consi