What kind of questions should I be asking about tropical destinations?

What kind of questions should I be asking about tropical destinations? - Smiling woman with bunch of fresh bananas on head

Tropical destinations have to be one of the most popular categories, which means there are always deals popping up, so it's hard not to be driven by these deals.

If I'm merely looking at the destination, and not the deals to be had, how do I find out which tropical destination has the attributes that are most desirable to me?

I need help even knowing what questions to ask, but a few which come to mind are:

  • What is the hiking like nearby?
  • What is the average wind speed like?
  • What type of beaches are available (surfing, sunbathing, secluded, scenic)
  • What is the water like? (Clear and calm, strong swell, covered with seaweed, etc.)
  • Is the water good for swimming? (Counter-example: we took a trip to Broome, Western Australia and found out that basically one shouldn't swim at all during the time of year we were there due to jellyfish/stinger threats)

And once I know what questions to ask about the destination, what is the best method of finding a good match?

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A pretty important one (based on your edit): What kind of vaccinations do I need, is it a malaria area?

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What are some good travel questions?

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  • What's your favourite place so far?
  • If you could swim with dolphins or go shark diving, which would you pick?
  • What place is top of your bucket list?
  • What can't you travel without?
  • Do you prefer solo travel or with someone else?
  • Machu Picchu or Angkor Wat?

How do you ask someone about their destination?

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  • What surprised you the most?
  • What was the biggest difference in how people live there, compared to here?
  • How was the language barrier/your ability to communicate with people?
  • What did you do for transportation?
  • What super-touristy thing did you do that was surprisingly awesome?

  • What questions do you ask when you start thinking about planning a trip?

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    • How much money do you want to spend? ...
    • Do you want to stay in hotels or hostels? ...
    • How well do you handle stress? ...
    • Are you a picky eater or not? ...
    • Do you want to plan the trip or just go with the flow?

    Why do people travel to tropical places?

    The people are friendly and welcoming, the culture is immersive. In a matter of a few days, tourists can see the rice fields, cultural performances, go scuba diving, get a massage, visit the temples, go island hopping, hike a volcano, take a scooter to explore off the beaten path, and get a reading from a local Shaman.

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    Tropical destinations do not split the year in 4 seasons, they usually have only 2: rain and dry seasons. Day and night are almost the same size all the year. Look for pictures on the web first and them try to find some local deals even with big sites like Expedia (e.g: look for vacation packages and see what they offer). If you are going to a very different place, try to act as a local there. This is really a better option than acting as a tourist. Eat, travel and live as a local. This is the best advice I can give to you.

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    Before you book a sunny destination, you should check:

    • Is the tropical destination in the winter or summer season? Prices are a lot cheaper during the tropical winter for southern hemisphere destinations. Sunny places which are in the northern hemisphere tend to have higher prices and are busier during North American winter.
    • Although the tropical summer is the best time to go, you should expect very hot weather with the risk of a tropical storm. During a tropical storm, you might be stuck indoor anywhere from 1 day to a few days.
    • A lagoon surrounded by natural coral reefs is the best for swimming because the sea is a lot calmer and warmer.
    • Will you be staying at a resort? Depending on when you go, you might get some rainy days. What kind of activities could you be doing indoors?

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    Google's your friend. I would definitely search for things like 'Best tropical beaches', 'Best tropical hiking spots' and then go through all the different information.

    It's always fun learning about new places and figuring out where to travel. Looking at different travel forums will also help this as well as looking at reviews of different locations.

    You can narrow down your searches by including the time of the year you're planning on going.

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