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Best time to buy Airline tickets to Shanghai/Hong Kong from USA (Dallas/Fort Worth)?

My boyfriend and I are looking to visit Shanghai and Hong Kong in December, and we were wondering when the best (the cheapest price) time to buy tickets would b

"Lord of the Rings" Tours in New Zealand

Are there any tours in New Zealand based on places where the Lord of the Rings films were made?

How do I choose a travel agency to book tours from in Hanoi, Vietnam?

I am travelling to Vietnam in December and would like to book with a travel agency in the Hanoi area. There are so many to choose from, what are things that I

How to insure checked luggage?

I know that you are not supposed to put valuables into checked baggage, but in some cases it is necessary. For example if you have large valuable items that do

Suitable ways to get around the Darién Gap?

I'm planning a backpacking trip from Central America down to South America. Does anyone have a recommended way of getting around the Darién Gap? I read

Can I upgrade only a portion of my ticket with miles on Singapore Air (SQ)?

If I book a trip such as JFK-SIN-MLE (New York -> Singapore -> Maldives) RT (round trip), would it be possible to use miles to just upgrade the JFK-SIN po

How should I deal with beggars in India?

I have heard that it is unsafe to show money or help someone in India. Are there any rules I should respect in order to avoid getting into trouble? How should

What is a good hydration system for hiking Kilimanjaro?

I am attempting a summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro (Africa) later in the year. I have most of my gear, however the one thing I am unsure of is the best way to hydrate

How can I travel between US towns without flying?

Can you help me decide, what type of transport can I use to travel from one US town to another (it will be a big journey), without flying? Are buses available,

What is the best method for exchanging dollars for Euros?

I'm traveling from the US to Europe in a few weeks. When and what is the best method of exchanging dollars for Euros? I imagine there's options like: at th

Freight travel in the Caribbean - Can it be done? Is it cost-effective?

When I began to research travel by freight boat, I was hoping it would be a cheap alternative to air travel, but it turns out you can expect to pay US$80-140 pe

How much Russian do I need to know for travelling within Russia?

Or alternatively - how well-spoken (and widely-spoken) is English? I intend to visit St. Petersburg, Moscow, Irkutsk and Vladivostok. I feel like I might hav

Can somebody recommended a tour for the Amazon in Ecuador? [closed]

I'm heading to Ecuador next spring and I'm hoping someone can recommend a good tour that they took and how much it cost for how many days. I'

What times of the year are best for visiting France? [closed]

When I visited Rome, Italy, I ended up visiting during August which seems to be a time when most Italians have fled the city to cooler areas.

How do I know if it's safe to travel to a country at a specific time?

Are there travel websites constantly updated with safety tips and political situation of countries?

What is the difference between Eurostar first class and French TGV first class?

I've checked the costs of first class travel by high speed train in France and to UK. According to pictures, first class seats in the Eurostar and TGV look simi

Being safe in an unknown place [closed]

Most people in first world countries have a very different idea of "safe". First world country houses do not have bars on the windows, the ya

Is it safe to travel to Socotra, Yemen?

I have been wanting to travel to Socotra, Yemen to see the dragonblood trees and bizarrely beautiful landscapes for a while now, but given the current instabili

On planning a road-trip [closed]

We are planning a road trip for the summer and are wondering how we can make the most of it. How do you plan a road trip to make the most out

What are the best things to see in Copenhagen, Denmark? [closed]

I want to visit Denmark (specifically Copenhagen), but I would like some advice on things I should see while I am there. What are the "must se

When and where do I have the highest chance of seeing auroras?

I'm wondering what time of year is best, and what locations might be best, for catching the aurora. I'm currently thinking of February up at Sweden's ice hotel

What is the safest way to travel from Tehran to North-Pakistan?

What is the safest way to go from Tehran to Hunza (North Pakistan)? Travelling mainly by bus and local transportation wherever possible. Note: I am aware it wi

What's the cheapest way to purchase data access for my verizon smartphone while traveling in Spain?

What's the cheapest way to purchase data access for my verizon smartphone while traveling in Spain? Voice minutes would be useful too, although data only would

Hodophobia ... Scared of doing things or going to places that is dangerous [closed]

Places like India, Thailand or some African countries are sometimes contain risks for travellers. It probably will be fine if we stay in the m

Eco touring/diving in Malaysia

I've been SCUBA diving in KotaKina Balu. It was my intent to go to Sipidan, but couldn't make it, so I stayed in KKB. I'm looking at a return trip to Malaysia f

How can I find a guide that will take me safely up Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Elbrus?

Where/how can I find a local/professional guide that will take me safely up Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Elbrus?

I'm in Volgograd, Russia. Aside from trains, is there another way to get to Astrakhan?

I'm basically sitting beside the Volga river at present looking at the ferry terminal, and wondering if ferries or buses run instead of a train to Astrakhan - h

Kazakhstan visa in Uzbekistan?

I'll be passing through Uzbekistan shortly, and will need another Kazakhstan tourist visa before I head back there. What locations can I get this at, and any i

Turkmenistan visa in Uzbekistan?

I'll be passing through Uzbekistan shortly, and am considering getting a Turkmenistan visa for a quick visit into there. What locations can I get this at, and

Can I visit the castles/fortresses in the mountains around Turin, Northern Italy?

Three years ago I traveled from Turin to Paris by train, and saw amazing old castles all across the mountains. Are any of them available for a visit? I'm going