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What should I know about "Around The World" flights?

I have heard rumours of such things, and have had a difficult time find information on "around the world" flights. Are they worth it (do you have a limit betwe

Sightseeing the USA by air [closed]

The next time family from overseas comes to visit me in the USA, I would like for them to see the major sites in the USA. Is there such a thi

Flight deals from the UK

Can someone recommend a good website with flight deals from London/UK, which I could subscribe to? I mean promotions in different airlines, e.g. bmi used to hav

Best time to buy Airline tickets to Shanghai/Hong Kong from USA (Dallas/Fort Worth)?

My boyfriend and I are looking to visit Shanghai and Hong Kong in December, and we were wondering when the best (the cheapest price) time to buy tickets would b

How to insure checked luggage?

I know that you are not supposed to put valuables into checked baggage, but in some cases it is necessary. For example if you have large valuable items that do

How can I protect camera equipment in checked baggage?

While I usually take my camera equipment in a carry-on when I fly (within the US), that's not always an option (small plane where no carry-on other than my purs

Avoiding air travel sickness without Dramamine/Dimenhydrinate or other drugs

My wife is very prone to motion sickness, especially on air flights. In the past we've handled this with Dramamine (Dimenhydrinate), which helped quite a bit.

What rights do passengers have when flights in the USA are delayed?

What rights do passengers on delayed flights in the USA have? In some countries, depending on the length and type of delay, passengers can receive a free phone

Traveling to USA with tripod attached to my camera bag

I like to travel with my DSLR and I have nice slingshot bag for it which I can take with me on the plane along with my carry on. This picture shows what I want

How to get into and travel across Tanzania

I'm interested in visiting Tanzania - the capital of it (Dodoma) and Kilimanjaro park, and I didn't find any info about any airlines to get into Tanzania and ab

How can I do a "broad" search for flights?

Several airline and trip planning sites will allow you to check "I am flexible with my dates" or a similar option. Is there any way to also search more broadly

How can I travel to Germany with my dog?

I will be traveling to Germany (from the USA) in a few months and hope to bring my dog, a 10 lb Chihuahua-mix. I would like to do this with a minimum of diffic

Repeated reminder email from EasyJet for API document

I'm flying to Geneva (Switzerland) in few days with EasyJet with my wife. I have provided both our passport details for advance passenger information. But kee

Can I take my liquid medication on a plane?

If I am taking a liquid medicine, but is over the ounces for a flight, will they still let me take it on a plane?

a webservice for finding the flights by country [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate:How can I do a “broad” search for flights? Do you know any webapplication/service which allow me to sp

Is there any trick to checking in more weight on planes?

I soon have to move from France to Spain, one way no coming back. And as with most of the airlines carriers in Europe I am allowed at 23Kg checked-in and 10Kg o

Getting to Guangzhou from Melbourne

I am taking a business trip to Guangzhou from Melbourne is a few months. I have noticed that there are no direct flights (correct me if I am wrong). Looks lik

Shoes for long flight

Does anyone have recommendations for great shoes for a long flight? I usually wear running shoes, but my feet often get very uncomfortable af

What techniques, tricks or otherwise have you used to get upgrades on flights?

I've travelled a lot. Living in New Zealand or the UK means anywhere is likely a flight, but I've always flown economy. Twice between LA and Auckland I manage

Is it possible to bring a bicycle on a plane?

I have often wanted to bring my own bicycle while traveling. Are there some international regulations regarding bringing my bicycle on a plane? What should I ex