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US Customs Pre-clearance in foreign airports

Recently, I was traveling back to the US through Vancouver, BC, Canada. I was delighted with the fact that I was able to get pre-screened through US Customs be

Bringing a camping knife to Japan

And before you ask, YES, it is for camping. I have travelled to Japan a couple times and enjoyed it. I know Japan law allows knifes of a certain size (under 6c

How can I travel to Germany with my dog?

I will be traveling to Germany (from the USA) in a few months and hope to bring my dog, a 10 lb Chihuahua-mix. I would like to do this with a minimum of diffic

Northern Cyprus - way to visit and what problems can I have with Republic of Cyprus after that?

I know that Northern Cyprus is recognized only by Turkey, and not other countries. So how can I visit this republic - only from Turkey, or there are some other

Penalty for overstaying tourist visa in Taiwan

In Taiwan, what is the penalty for overstaying a tourist visa with legitimate reasons (for example, a flight was cancelled or delayed, or a transportation closu

What is the minimum time to consider with a connecting flight in the USA?

Given the extensive time taken for immigration formalities in the US, what is the shortest time to consider between connecting flights in the US, when coming fr

What kind of Visa do I need to land on the EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg?

Assuming I'm not a citizen of the European union, and that I have a Schengen Visa with Germany as the main destination, do I need to make any special arrangemen

What are some ways to minimize the time spent in customs?

Every time I've gone through customs, it has been a relatively quick and friendly series of basic questions and credential verification. However, I have heard

What happens if RFID system in my "biometric" travel passport malfunctions when I cross the border?

My travel passport contains the "biometric" RFID chip. While I can at any moment check that my passport itself is intact (not torn or anything) I can't check wh

One-way tickets into the US and Canada?

So I have a series of weird flights I can use to get to Bangkok from London with a stop in Vancouver, where it may actually be cheaper for me to fly to Vancouve

Can I take multiple cars into Mexico from the U.S.?

I've taken my car into Mexico multiple times from the United States, on a Tourist visa. Is it possible to take more than one car registered to me at the same t

Couldn't return papers to border officials last time. Should I be afraid when going back to USA?

Three years ago I was on holidays in Canada and visited the Niagara Falls. I also went to the American side of the falls and got something like a "short-term vi

Driving from US to Central America

Is it possible to drive from the US through Mexico to Central America? What route is recommended, and how long would it take? What safety or immigration/customs

Amtrak Cascades from Seattle to Vancouver - What is the border crossing like northbound?

I'm pondering using the Amtrack Cascades train to get from Seattle up to Vancouver. The ticket price seems pretty good, the views are supposed to be great, and

What counts as a "visit" for immigration forms?

It is often asked in official immigration forms (US) about the countries visited in the past. Do flight connections count in this case, or do they mean exiting

What happens if you miss a connecting flight?

What happens if you book tickets through an airline or travel agent, but on the travel date miss a connecting flight (either because the first flight was delaye

Will Nagorno-Karabakh put my entry/exits stamps on a separate piece of paper?

Certain countries won't let a visitor enter if they have a passport stamp from certain other countries. One case is Azerbaijan which will not permit you to ent

Is it really forbidden to cross the Indian border with Indian rupee?

Last week I tried to exchange some Swiss Francs into Indian rupees. For that I visited a big bank and they told me that they have rupees but I'm not allowed to

How much money can you take into Canada?

I'll be travelling to Canada from the UK in the near future. Is there a limit to how much money I can carry with me? Ideally I'd like to take 5,000 CAD in order

What can I do to prevent passport stamps being put on blank pages?

I'm running low on blank passport pages which are sometimes needed for full page visas such as those issued by Armenia, India, and Vietnam. When I crossed the