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I have lost my residential permit while travelling in India - what should I do?

I am staying in India for 6 months, so have had to register with the Foreigners Registration Office in Bangalore. I was given a residential permit which I have

Does a Singaporean Student Pass visa card need to be surrendered when it expires?

Singaporean Long Term Pass visas (such as Training Employment Pass, Student Pass, etc that allow you to go through automated border control clearance) state tha

What kind of Visa do I need to land on the EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg?

Assuming I'm not a citizen of the European union, and that I have a Schengen Visa with Germany as the main destination, do I need to make any special arrangemen

Couldn't return papers to border officials last time. Should I be afraid when going back to USA?

Three years ago I was on holidays in Canada and visited the Niagara Falls. I also went to the American side of the falls and got something like a "short-term vi

OFII form in France [closed]

I am an American student studying in Dijon for a semester and had a question regarding the OFII form. I will be in France for the duration of

Overlanding in Egypt without a carnet de passage?

I know some people have entered Egypt without a Carnet de Passage so I know it is possible, what I need to know is how long can you drive it in Egypt that way,

Visa for France - showing actual hotel booking?

I am in UK planning to apply for Schengen visa via French Embassy. The application document requirements for the visa states that you are required to submit:

When is an International Certificate of Vaccination necessary?

I was reading an old answer that referenced the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis they carried in their passport. I've never heard of thi

What does "SSSS" on my boarding pass mean?

When I checked in for my American Airlines flight from Costa Rica back to the States, I noticed that my boarding pass had "SSSS" printed across the top left cor

What to expect at a Global Entry application interview?

I applied for the Global Entry program a couple of days ago, and I noticed a few mentions throughout the application process to an interview that I would need t

Do I need a visa if I travel from Paris to Amsterdam if I entered as Crew Member?

I am going to Paris for two days visit as a crew member so I won't need a visa to enter France since I am registered in the general declaration (GenDec). Anyway

How to allow my wife to stay in Poland for more than 90 days

I am spending summer in Poland and I bought a return ticket that will make me come back after a 90-day period (I will be in the country for 92 days). I wonder h

Where can I get a student ID in Poland (Wroclaw) using my American Student ID?

I am a student in America and I have just traveled to Poland. There are a lot of trams here and tickets are cheaper for student tickets then for normal tickets.

Are US citizens legally required to provide a current address on a US customs declaration?

When returning to the USA, US citizens are required to fill out a written customs declaration. This form has space for a "Street Address". See a sample form. A

What to do when you can't print your boarding pass?

I just use web checkin for my flight tomorrow. After that I should have printed my boarding pass. However, I realised that this is not possible. So what can I d

Is it possible to sign any contract in Sweden without a personnummer?

I am staying in Sweden for a year and have come across this situation multiple times now. As a european citizen I should be allowed to make contract with, banks

Can you do the annual required technical control in another EU country than your own when doing a road trip in Europe?

If you plan to do a an extensive road-trip through Europe, which will last multiple months, could you do the required annual technical control in another EU cou

When I purchase flights with an online travel agent, is there an "e-ticket" I must print out?

I've always bought my tickets through travel agents in the past but this time I've bought two flights on two different websites. Now in the emails they've sent

I did an online checkin with Etihad with no access to a printer - how can I get my boarding pass now? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate:What to do when you can't print your boarding pass? I just went ahead and did the online checkin for my flight tom

What documents should you carry with you when travelling internationally?

I actually saw this on a list of top new traveller questions, and figured it'd be a good one to have on here. Obviously with international travel, you'll need